Gramophone UK  Editor’s Choice for January 2016:  “…It’s surprising that no one until Clipper Erickson has essayed Dett’s complete piano output on disc. However, the wait was worth it, for this music is simply wonderful, while Erickson’s idiomatic, colourful, technically adroit and caring interpretations do the repertoire full justice. This historically and musically important release not only fills a crucial catalogue gap but sets reference standards. No serious aficionado of the history of American piano music can afford to miss it. (on My Cup Runneth Over – the Complete Piano Works of R. Nathaniel Dett)

Jed Distler

Gramophone UK – January 2016

A superlative recording of Pictures at an Exhibition, one of the best recordings of this oft-recorded masterpiece. (On “Clipper Erickson plays Beethoven, Copland and Mussorgsky”)

David DeBoor Canfield

Fanfare Sept/Oct. 2015

“This is some of the most enjoyable, stylistically varied, and individual music I’ve heard in a while. I can’t think of any music-loving friend I wouldn’t recommend it to. Erickson, a student of John Ogdon, is simply a fabulous pianist, the perfect guide to Dett.”

American Record Guide

Like a true heroic pianist, Erickson approached Liszt with power, precision and Romantic abandon. A take-no-prisoners rendition of the Waltz from the opera Faust.

Washington Post

He played with extraordinary dash and power and he never let flamboyance obscure art.

Los Angeles Times

Thoughtful marvels of color and phrasing.

Philadelphia Inquirer

Fanfare – Sept/Oct 2015 –  “This is a splendid work, superbly brought to life by pianist Clipper Erickson, whose artistry was previously known to me through his superlative recording of Pictures at an Exhibition, one of the best recordings of this oft-recorded masterpiece. (on Sonata V by Laurie Altman)

David DeBoor Canfield

All of the performances are enhanced by Erickson’s in-depth understanding, and, with considerable technical ability at his disposal, the pianist is more than up to the challenge of bringing the composer’s material to life (anyone in need of proof on that count need look no further than “Dance of Desire” from Enchantment, whose high-velocity runs the pianist dispatches with seeming ease). My Cup Runneth Over succeeds as both a history lesson and musical collection in its own right, and Erickson’s to be commended for reminding us of Dett’s singular musical artistry and for allowing listeners to partake of the composer’s gifts. – December 2015 (on My Cup Runneth Over)


Clipper Erickson plays the music with sensitivity and a nice flexibility. The technical demands of the more complex movements never phases him, and more importantly he brings out the distinct character of Dett’s piano writing. If the 20th century tradition of romantic piano writing interests you at all, then I can highly recommend this disc. December 24, 2015 (on My Cup Runneth Over)

Planet Hugill – a World of Classical Music

He delivered the two Gershwin works with great energy and panache ..seeming to let the music come from his own inner strength.

Allentown Morning Call

A performance that conveyed both fervent dramatics and emotional intensity.

Sacramento Bee

Conceptual vision….Original interpretation.

Press Bulletin of the International Tchaikovsky Competition

A formidable technique….some very beautiful and poetic playing.

Santa Barbara News Press

Erickson seems so attuned to the coloristic and dramatic… A man with a full orchestra at his command rather than a mere keyboard.

Indianapolis News

Clipper Erickson plays all of this music superbly, calm and caressing when called for, and explosive and brilliantly virtuosic by turn.  (of “American Journey”)

Philadelphia City Paper

The frosting on the cake was the performance by the guest piano soloist, Clipper Erickson of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major In this, his second appearance with the NBSO, he again displayed an incredible mastery of his instrument…breathtaking.

The Standard Times, New Bedford

Erickson plays with a wonderful sense of style. What a pleasure. The clarity with which he shapes phrases and leads the ear suggests that he thinks and interprets like a composer…The effects he achieves are quite stunning. (of “American Eclectic”)

American Record Guide