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Piano: Clipper Erickson

My Cup Runneth Over – the Complete Piano Works of R. Nathaniel Dett, released in November 2015, is the culmination of a 3-year project of research and performing.

Dett’s piano suites embrace almost all of his creative life, from Magnolia, written soon after his graduation from Oberlin, to the Eight Bible Vignettes, written during the last two years of his life. They show a great development, variety and richness of style; truly reflecting his struggles, triumphs, and deepening philosophical interests.

Gramophone UK  Editor’s Choice for January 2016: “…This historically and musically important release not only fills a crucial catalogue gap but sets reference standards. …. Read More

Jed Distler

Editor, Gramophone UK - January 2016

Sample Tracks from My Cup Runneth Over

Juba Dance:

Dance of Desire

Father Abraham

“This is some of the most enjoyable, stylistically varied, and individual music I’ve heard in a while.  I can’t think of any music-loving friend I wouldn’t recommend it to.  Erickson, a student of John Ogdon, is simply a fabulous pianist, the perfect guide to Dett.

American Record Guide - February 2016

My Cup Runneth Over offers a wonderful overview of R. Nathaniel Dett’s captivating solo piano compositions, magnificently performed Clipper Erickson. A hearty bravo is in order—may these works find their way onto more recital programs!”

BlackGrooves – June 2016

“All of the performances are enhanced by Erickson’s in-depth understanding, and, with considerable technical ability at his disposal, the pianist is more than up to the challenge of bringing the composer’s material to life (anyone in need of proof on that count need look no further than “Dance of Desire” from Enchantment, whose high-velocity runs the pianist dispatches with seeming ease). My Cup Runneth Over succeeds as both a history lesson and musical collection in its own right, and Erickson’s to be commended for reminding us of Dett’s singular musical artistry and for allowing listeners to partake of the composer’s gifts.

Textura – December 2015

“Clipper Erickson proves to be a fine interpreter of these pieces.  He is able to find the right balance of romantic technique and the sort of ebb and flow of Impressionist style that makes this music so engaging.  The sound here is equally perfect for capturing the intimate quality of these pieces.  It feels like we have been invited in to the perfect room to sit back and be enthralled by this often beautiful music.”


“The pianist Clipper Erickson, who has won numerous international awards, specializes in the study and interpretation of American music, past and present, which puts him in a privileged position to promote the music of Robert Nathaniel Dett, a composer who occupies a prominent place, near Joplin, Gershwin and Ellington.”

Sonograma – Girona, Spain

“Erickson’s offering tops off the piano music and properly introduces us to the miscible musical interface between European and African-American classical musics.”

All About Jazz – April 2016


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“Erickson, an accomplished pianist, performs with great sensitivity to these themes and an obvious admiration for the great composer. Kudos to Erickson for his initiative and to those chose to support this endeavour. A welcome release, just in time for Black History Month.”

Diane Wells

The WholeNote – February 2016

“Clipper Erickson plays the music with sensitivity and a nice flexibility. The technical demands of the more complex movements never phases him, and more importantly he brings out the distinct character of Dett’s piano writing. If the 20th century tradition of romantic piano writing interests you at all, then I can highly recommend this disc.”

Planet Hugill – a World of Classical Music - December 24, 2015

“My Cup Runneth Over does a great service to the listening public by making the entirety of R. Nathaniel Dett’s published piano works available on a set of recordings for the first time.  The composer gave a good deal of thought to the piano suites in particular.  We have not only found the Navona Records release to be a keepsake, but we have already used it as a gift as well.”

Africlassical – December 2015

“Thanks to Clipper Erickson for providing us with fine performances and resurrecting Dett’s music for us to appreciate anew.

Grego Applegate Edwards

Gapplegate Classical - Modern Music Review - December 2015