Livestreamed Operatic Premiere: “The Diaries of Marie Bashikirtseff” by David Finko


Holly Gash, soprano, and Clipper Erickson, piano are thrilled to premiere David Finko's one-act opera, "The Diaries of Marie Bashikirtseff."  This masterpiece, written in 2018, captures the emotional turmoil of this Russian painter and diarist as she faces death from tuberculosis at age 25.  Immerse yourself in this drama alongside songs and preludes of Rachmaninoff ... Read more

Chopin in Context: The Women Before and After | Music for the Soul


Purchase tickets Make a donation Clipper Erickson, pianist, presents the second concert in his Music for the Soul Series, "Chopin in Context: The Women Before and After."Chopin is often known as the "poet of the piano" and considered one of the most original composers in history.  What isn't as well known is that he was ... Read more

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