Join us for an intimate look at the music and relationship of one of classical music's most inspiring pairs

Two dates - two performances!

Her Genius: Sunday, June 6th; 7:00 PM EDT
Clara Schumann – Trio, Op. 17

His Genius: Saturday, June 12th; 7:00 PM EDT
Robert Schumann – Sonata for Violin and Piano, Op. 121

One ticket for two concerts: $20 per person, $5 for student
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Lenuta Ciulei, violin

Clipper Erickson, piano

George Atanasiu, cello

True equals in creative genius, Clara and Robert Schumann were deeply intertwined and influenced each other so profoundly that it’s hard to say whose ideas came first in their many visionary works.  Although their union was cut short by Robert’s death at 46, the fire between them burned hot, producing several children and some of the most inspiring music ever written.

In this latest performance in the Music for the Soul series, Clipper Erickson is joined by Lenuta Ciulei, violinist and winner of the Paganini Competition, and her husband, George Atanasiu, cellist.  World class virtusoi, Lenuta and George bring their talents and personality to this unique concert experience and conversation in two parts.

Flexible Viewing Options

Part 1: Convesation on Zoom
LIVE on June 6th – 7:00 PM EDT
Available for streaming June 7th – June 21st

Part 2: Conversation on Zoom
Live on June 12th – 7:00 PM EDT
Available for streaming June 13th – June 21st

Full Concert Without Conversation
Available for streaming June 7th – June 21st

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